“Inessa Galante talents.LV” provides support program for young Latvian talents, who represent the classical music genre. This is a project where “Inessa Galante Foundation” will look closely and will present the best of the best for Latvia to get to know and be proud of its real jewels – its talents.

Talents need support, attention, opportunities and assessment. “Inessa Galante Foundation” will do everything possible so both the Latvia and the whole world will recognise our young talents.

Inessa Galante Foundation”, which was established last year, has a lot of ideas and plans for the coming year –  and with that a new cycle of concerts “Inessa Galante and Friends”, is organized in the 10th Festival “SUMMERTIME – Inessa Galante & Friends“. It is also planned to held young talent competition in the field of classical music. The next year the Foundation will continue to support young talents – they will be given the opportunity to perform in big concerts, including Summertime Festival, to demonstrate their capability and performance to the general public.

Find more information about music competitions and young talents of Inese Galante here

Concert “Christmas Prelude” 2017