Koncertu “Ziemassvētku prelūdija 2019″ atbalsta: Rīgas dome, Rīgas domes Izglītības, kultūras un sporta departaments, AS GASO, zvērināta advokāta Viktora Tihonova birojs, t/c Spice, SIA East – West Transit, tipogrāfija Eveko, AS Antalis.

Informatīvie partneri: Lounge FM, izdevniecība Rīgas Viļņi, izdevniecība Dienas Žurnāli, aģentūra LETA, žurnāli Otkritij Gorod, Riga This Week.

Your support is very important and necessary. With it we – representatives of art – can give joy and inspiration to people, and it wouldn’t be possible without your participation.

                                                                                                                                             Yours Inese Galante

Inese Galante Foundation believes that music is a universal form of language that facilitates integration of various strata of society as well as various nationalities within their respective countries and beyond their borders. Therefore, the fund strives to facilitate culture education through the art of music and culture exchange for the benefit of Latvian society.

Inese Galante Foundation`s fundamental principles based the belief that music is a universal language that is able to combine and integrate the different sectors of society. As well as support the development of new talents in Latvia as well as the European cultural space within. As one of its main tasks Foundation considers the work in culture and music, strengthening the cultural element in the presence of the national society in everyday life by integrating different cultures and promote Latvia abroad.

Every year, Inese Galante Foundation organized a number of sustainable projects:

▪ competition for young performers “Inese Galante Talants” (IGT), the selection of the number of participants up to 200 young talents, which thanks to the Foundation partners are granted with  scholarships, provided with professional musical education and performing stage experience.

▪ international music festival “Summertime – Inese Galante & Friends” , Jurmala, Dzintari Concert hall (~ 20,000 visitors)

▪ concert cycle of classical music integration in Latvia “Inese Galante and Friends” (traditional Easter, Christmas concerts, etc.)


Inese Galante and friends. VIVA LATVIJA! 2020

Concert “Christmas Prelude” 2019

Concert “Christmas Prelude” 2018

Ziemassvētku prelūdija 2021