About Inessa Galante Foundation

Inessa Galante Foundation was established in March 2013.

Within the foundation the Honorary Board is established with ex-President of the Republic of Latvia Andris Bērziņš, ex-president Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga, singer Aleksandrs Antoņenko, singer Sergejs Jēgers, businessman Arkady Suharenko as its members.

Honorary Board works as the advisory board.

Foundation’s mission:

  • to support and promote preservation of national cultural heritage in the opera genre;
  • strengthening and development of the Latvian national opera ad musical culture, its actualisation and promotion in Latvia and abroad as well as ensuring availability of the achievements of worldwide opera and musical culture in Latvia;
  • to organise and support opera festivals including «Summertime – Inessa Galante and Friends».

Foundation’s objectives:

“We will pay close attention to culture and the fact that it should be accessible to everyone citizen of Latvia, regardless of his social status and place of residence.

We will seek and support the new talents of Latvia and help them to develop and grow.

We will supplement the Latvian cultural life with relevant and high-quality musical events.

I want to give back to Latvia, what once received: love and knowledge.”

Yours Inessa Galante

Ziemassvētku Prelūdija 2023

Inese Galante and friends VIVA LATVIJA! 2020

Inese Galante and friends VIVA LATVIJA! 2020

Inese Galante and friends VIVA LATVIJA! 2020

Concert “Christmas Prelude” 2019

Concert “Christmas Prelude” 2017

Concert “Christmas Prelude” 2017

Lieldienas koncerts Agnus Dei 2017

Mūzikas talantu konkurss “Ineses Galantes Talanti” 2017